Diversifying and Growing the International Chinese hackathon

Hack the Pearl is an NYU Shanghai student-run Hackathon where we implement different themes of hackathons in order to broaden our community to support a plethora of different disciplines.

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You must be an NYU Student that is currently attending the NYU Shanghai campus in order to participate.


As the data to the HSBC dataset is private, this devpost is devoted for the documentation of experience that you experience from this hackathon. Please make sure to document what lessons you learned, events/workshops you liked, and more! Participants must be in groups of 2-3 people MANDATORY.


Jason Jiang

Jason Jiang

Judging Criteria

  • Accuracy of the data
    A dataset of HBCN will be provided, and HBCN judges will be looking at how accurate the participant's model is in forecasting customer's likelihood of subscribing investment and insurance products in the following 3 months